Y The town of Sasaram is located in the Indian state of Bihar. This town is located in the district of Bhojpur. The town is famous among tourists, and this mainly because of its proximity to the main city of Patna. The town of Sasaram lies at a distance of around 148 kilometers from Patna. There are many monuments in the town of Sasaram, most of them dedicated to Sher Shah Suri, who was born in this town. These monuments are of historical importance. History buffs will love travelling to the town of Sasaram, given the above reasons. A tomb dedicated to the great emperor Sher Shah Suri is the chief attraction in Sasaram, and this tomb is a huge monument. Beautifully constructed, this tomb is often described as a treat for the eyes. The tomb is located right in the midst of an enormous lake, which is manmade. The tomb stands tall, at a height of around 122 feet. You can also visit another tomb in Sasaram, and this tomb is dedicated to Hasan Sur Khan, Sher Shah Suri’s father. This is a good place to visit, although it is majorly in ruins now. You can also visit the Sukha Rauza, the Samrat Ashoka Pillar and Maa Tara Chandi’s temple during your trip to Sasaram.


U Maa Tara Chandi is located in Kaimur range of Vindhya mountains. Some scholars believe that this Shakti Peeth is located at the banks of river Shoon river. After getting fragmented by the Chakra of lord Vishnu, left eye of Goddess Sati had fallen in Rampur (Bengal) which is known as Tara Shaktipeeth. Right eye of Sati had fallen in Sonebhadra, near the river Shoon in between waterfall and natural beauty. Rishi Vishwamitra gave it a name Tara. Parshuram had defeated Sahastrabahu at this place and worshipped Goddess Tara, at this place. Goddess Tara appeared as a small girl in the Tara Shakti Peeth. She killed Chand at this place and got the name of Chandi. This place is known as Sahastraram or Sasaram. The temple of Maa Tara Chandi is situated at a distance of a kilometre from the Chandan Shaheed Hill. It is dedicated to Maa Tara Chandi, which is a form of Goddess Kali. Its most significant feature is the idol of goddess Tara Chandi present in its premises. This temple is visited by large number every year on the occasion of Dusshera.


UU The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is situated in Sasaram in the middle of a man-made lake, with the look of a floating monument. It rises from a stone terrace, which is placed on a platform that is reachable through a flight of steps. Its upper terrace is enclosed by a castle parapet wall having octagonal domed chambers at its four corners. It also has two projecting pillared balconies on each of its sides that have been pierced by a doorway in the east, which is the only way to reach this tomb. The centre of this upper terrace has a building of a mausoleum based on a low octagonal plinth and consisting of octagonal chambers surrounded by verandahs on its four sides. These verandahs further include 24 smaller domes supported by four arches. Its roof is also a pillared cupola which used to have white glazed tiles that are much faded now. The main tomb chamber of this structure has three lofty arches, one on each of its eight sides. These arches stand 22 ft tall to support the lofty dome, which is one of the largest domes in India. A small arched recess present above the Mihrab on the outside wall of this building also has an inscription of two lines that marks the completion of this tomb by Salim or Islam Shah, 3 months after the death of Sher Shah in 1545 AD. 


U The Rohtasgarh Fort is situated at 39 km from the city of Sasaram and is said to be one of the largest and strongest hill forts of India. This fort is basically the remains of Sher Shah Suri's Rohtasgarh Fort. This fort covers a total area of 4 miles from east to west, 5 miles from north to south and 28 miles in circumference of its plateau. This fort also used to serve as a safety shelter for treasures as well as families of Shah Jahan, Maan Singh, Mir Qasim, and Sher Shah Suri. It was considered, that this fort used to have 84 passages to the hill along with 14 main gate entries, 10 of which were later closed by Sher Shah Suri. 


YY The Tomb of Hasan Khan Sur is an ancient tomb associated with Hasan Khan Sur who was the father of Sher Shah Suri. It is situated in the heart of Sasaram town and is one of its popular tourist attractions.

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